Siri for Android

Siri is a smart personal assistant for compatible iOS devices that brings a lot of convenience to users. It uses voice recognition technology to understand what you are saying. It can be used to make calls, search for specific information and more. You don’t have to navigate or do the steps on your own. Simply say it to Siri and it will do the job for you. Nothing can be more cozy and cool than talking to your Smartphone and have it do what it is told like a trained animal.

Siri for Android is not yet available as of now. This feature is only compatible with iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPad with retina display and the 5th Generation iPod Touch. Though Siri on Android phones is not yet available, there are other applications that work like Siri, which are compatible with Android devices.


This application is available for Android users without a cost. Download and install this accurate and fast virtual assistant and enjoy the convenience it brings. Send text messages and e-mail without typing, call someone without dialing, get information without searching and even update your Facebook status without doing it on your own. Say it to Vlingo and it will perform the action for you. Aside from using the microphone, you may also use the command box to type your instructions if you prefer it this way. This application is one of the widely used Siri-like apps on Android.

Speaktoit AssistantThis application is available for Android, as well as for iOS and Windows Phone users for free. It understands your natural language so there is no need to memorize specific commands. It can browse information from the web, give you the direction through maps, call someone on your contact list and remind you of tasks you need to do. It will verify your request before it proceeds on doing it to make sure that it performs the action accurately. You can also choose the assistant that you want to appear when using this application. There’s an old professor, a blonde girl and more.


Edwin is another application that works like Siri. You can use it to launch various applications on your device, get the time, find a location and search information by simply telling it what to do. The best thing about this app is that it can talk back. It can even translate words into another language or spell them for you. This is very convenient as there is no need to navigate on your phone, which is perfect especially if you are driving. Aside from downloading this application, you also need to download other apps for it to work. They are TTS Extended and SpeedSynthesis Data. These additional apps are also available for free.


This was designed as an answer to Apple’s Siri. It became a hit to Android users because of its efficiency and functionality. This application is available for free but you need to have TTS Library and Voice Search installed on your device for Iris to work. These apps are pre-installed on most phones. If yours do not have them, make sure to get them so you can start enjoying Iris. Watch videos, play music, schedule a date, set an alarm, text or call someone and find the information you need just by asking Iris.